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  • Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Tailyn provides a full range of Industrial Ethernet Switches which covers Unmanaged, Lite Managed, and Managed Ethernet Switches. All the Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed to meet:

  • Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

    Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

    Tailyn’s Unmanaged Switch series provide 3/5/8/26 ports to fulfill the needs of the rapid growth of communication traffic in Industrial Networks. They are designed for ...

  • L2+ Managed Switches

    L2+ Managed Switches

    Gigabit Din-rail Layer2+ Managed Switch
    Tailyn Layer2+ Din-rail Managed Switch series are full Gigabit Ethernet Switches, providing 8/10/12/14 Gigabit Ethernet ports for upgrading the existing network infrastructure...

  • L3 Managed Switches

    L3 Managed Switches

    Tailyn Layer3 Ethernet Switches, Din-rail 6Tx+ 2 Combo + 2SFP Gigabit ports and Rack-mount 24Tx+4SFP Gigabit ports, are ideal for deploying in the core network.

  • PoE+ Switches

    PoE+ Switches

    A stable and flexible power source are the basic requirements to build an outstanding system. Unfortunately, power troubles are also found during the industrial equipment installations.

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