Package on Package (PoP)

Package on Package (PoP) assembly is an IC packaging method allowing higher component density in devices such as system on module, mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and medical equipment. By combining vertically discrete logic and memory BGA packages, two or more packages are assembled atop each other, with a standard interface to route signals between them. In addition to space, PoP assembly also provides cost savings and electrical benefits, by minimizing circuit trace length between different inter-operating parts. Tailyn's knowledgeable manufacturing engineers built up the PoP assembly technology in year 2011, providing contract manufacturing services to customers of SOM module, medical instruments, wearable device, rugged handheld products, with highest yield rate and robust quality. Tailyn has built more than hundred thousand of 0.4 mm pitch PoPs, Connectors, and uncountable 0201 components. We can now also build for 0.3 mm pitch and 01005 components.


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