ODM Technology

  • ICDC
  • Carrier Ethernet

    Carrier Ethernet

    Through designing and manufacturing services, Tailyn delivers great benefits to OEMs with MEF CE2.0 compliant Ethernet Access products to fulfill SLA-based Carrier Ethernet services.

  • Network Interface Device

    Network Interface Device

    The NID family leverages purpose-built silicon technologies to fulfill the needs that modern Carrier Class Ethernet services require that include unmatched resiliency, superb synchronization accuracy, and comprehensive OAM features.

  • EFM Bonded EAD

    EFM Bonded EAD

    The EFM Bonded EAD products provide industry leading rate/reach capabilities on twisted-pairs with rich set of Ethernet OAM features. This series ensures the best rate, reach, and fastest train-up times possible that further extends high-speed Carrier Ethernet services beyond the reach of fiber in suburban and rural areas.

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