EFM Bonded EAD

EFM Bonded Ethernet Access Devices

The EFM Bonded EAD products provide industry leading rate/reach capabilities on twisted-pairs with rich set of Ethernet OAM features. This series ensures the best rate, reach, and fastest train-up times possible that further extends high-speed Carrier Ethernet services beyond the reach of fiber in suburban and rural areas.

Though fiber is widely used for delivering high speed internet access, the coverage of fiber optics is still an issue and it does cost quite a lot.  However, the twisted pair is almost everywhere.  The EFM Bonded EAD leverages the advantages of existing twisted pairs, and it integrates two great things together in one box; the ITU -T G.SHDSL (Single-Pair Digital Subscriber Line, G.991.2) for the long distance and IEEE 802.3ah technologies for bonding multiple copper pairs together to achieve the highest aggregate bandwidth.  With this combination, the operator can easily provide carrier class internet access to the customers who are not reachable by fiber optics, and also enjoy the advantages guaranteed by SLA.

Just like the OAM features Tailyn’s NID products provided, the Ethernet OAM protocol suite is firmly embedded into SHDSL EFM Bonded EAD solutions as well. The cost-effective and field proven robust solutions provide the tools necessary to quickly turn-up new services, manage SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and maintain Quality of Service (QoS). When compared against legacy TDM-based services, the SHDSL Bonded EAD solutions reutilizes existing copper infrastructure that ensures higher margins, faster Return on Investment (ROI), and the ability to extend high-speed packet based business-class services beyond the reach of the fiber network.

Product Highlights

  • Carrier Ethernet Services over 4 or 8 pairs of Bonded Copper
  • Automatic Load Balancing and Fail-Over
  • Comprehensive OAM Features; IEEE 802.3ah, ITU-T Y.1731, Y.1564 supported
  • Up to 15Mbps per Copper Pair for Over 100Mbps Service at Rural and Sub-Urban Areas
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Selectable CO/CPE Mode
  • Temperature Hardened
Model SHDSL Pairs Ethernet Port Power
CES-300G-4SH 4 4x 10/100M 1x 1000/100M DC
CES-300G-8SH 8 4x 10/100M 1x 100/1000M DC


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