Network Interface Device

Network Interface Devices

The NID family leverages the purpose-built silicon technologies to fulfill the needs that modern Carrier Class Ethernet services require with ultra-low power consumption.  The standard compliant features bring hassle free operations with the benefits of unmatched resiliency, superb synchronization accuracy, and comprehensive OAM.


ERPS, the ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching, is the foundation of Tailyn’s NID products that provides sub-50ms switching capabilities. No need to worry about incidentally operation interruptions any longer that drastically reduces the OpEx of the network operators. The ERPS feature is assisted by dedicated hardware engine embedded in the silicon; hence, it ensures the consistent performance on the switching time whenever the error happens. In addition to ERPS, other protection related protocols are all supported, such as IEEE 802.1d STP, 802.1w/s RSTP & MSTP, and 802.3ad LACP, etc.







The PTP (IEEE 1588v2) is the other key factor embedded into the NIDs Tailyn build. By incorporating the OCXO better than what Stratum 3 required, the NID perfectly maintains the 1588v2 accuracy within nano-second scale. The Sync-E (ITU-T G.826x) assisted 1588v2 on the NID delivers not only the accuracy, but with outstanding stability persistently. The importance of synchronization grows drastically as the mobile traffic grows with unprecedented speed. The exceptional PTP performance on Tailyn’s NID products effectively satisfies such synchronization requirements the LTE & LTE-Adv. base-stations requested. The efforts Tailyn invests on 1588v2 ensure the NID products perfectly fulfill what LTE & LTE-A need, and potentially what the 5G technology will need as well.









As the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is at the center part of the Carrier Ethernet services, and the Ethernet OAM protocol suite is the key to enable the services. Every single NID Tailyn build embeds the hardware Ethernet OAM engines for ensuring the real time monitoring can be 100% achieved.







No matter 1G or 10G NID, all the NID’s we build are with the most up-to-date protocol suite to fulfill the network management requirements effectively. The protocol suite covers link status, service level, network monitoring, as well as performance metrics.  IEEE 802.1ag CFM, 802.3ah EFM, ITU-T Y.1731 Performance Monitoring are all included in the OAM feature suite, furthermore, both IETF RFC 2544 and ITU-T Y.1564 hardware-based tester are also in place which enables the operation center the ability of performing diagnostics and performance testing remotely. This capability effectively reduces service personnel costs and ensures outstanding user experiences.

Product Highlights

  • MEF CE2.0 compliant
  • 99.999% availability
  • ITU-T G.8031/G.8032 protection switching
  • ITU-T G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet with SSM
  • IEEE 1588v2 Boundary and Transparent Clock with nanosecond accuracy
  • ITU-T G.8275.x PTP Telecom Profile supported on BC and TC
  • Comprehensive Ethernet OAM: IEEE 802.1ag CFM, 802.3ah EFM, and ITU-T Y.1731
  • Service Activation Testers incorporated: IETF RFC2544, ITU-T Y.1564
  • Non-blocking wire-speed switching



Model Port Config. Power Sync-E
CES-110G-M01 10 0 AC  
CES-110G-M02 10 0 DC  
CES-110G-M03 10 0 AC x
CES-110G-M04 10 0 DC X
CES-110G-M05 6 4 AC  
CES-110G-M06 6 4 DC  
CES-110G-M07 6 4 AC x
CES-110G-M08 6 4 DC X
CES-106G-M01 6 0 AC  
CES-106G-M02 6 0 DC  
CES-106G-M03 6 0 AC X
CES-106G-M04 6 0 DC X
CES-106G-M05 2 4 AC  
CES-106G-M06 2 4 DC  
CES-106G-M07 2 4 AC X
CES-106G-M08 2 4 DC X
CES-108G-M01 8 0 AC  
CES-108G-M02 8 0 DC  
CES-108G-M03 8 0 AC x
CES-108G-M04 8 0 DC X
CES-108G-M05 4 4 AC  
CES-108G-M06 4 4 DC  
CES-108G-M07 4 4 AC x
CES-108G-M08 4 4 DC X
CES-104G-M01 4 0 AC  
CES-104G-M02 4 0 DC  
CES-104G-M03 4 0 AC X
CES-104G-M04 4 0 DC X
CES-104G-M05 2 2 AC  
CES-104G-M06 2 2 DC  
CES-104G-M07 2 2 AC X
CES-104G-M08 2 2 DC X



Model Port Config. Power Sync-E
10G SFP+ 1G SFP 1G RJ-45
CES-208-M01 4 4 0 AC  
CES-208-M02 4 4 0 DC  
CES-208-M03 4 4 0 AC X
CES-208-M04 4 4 0 DC X
CES-208-M05 4 0 4 AC  
CES-208-M06 4 0 4 DC  
CES-208-M07 4 0 4 AC X
CES-208-M08 4 0 4 DC X
CES-208L-M01 2 6 0 AC  
CES-208L-M02 2 6 0 DC  
CES-208L-M03 2 6 0 AC X
CES-208L-M04 2 6 0 DC X
CES-208L-M05 2 2 4 AC  
CES-208L-M06 2 2 4 DC  
CES-208L-M07 2 2 4 AC X
CES-208L-M08 2 2 4 DC X


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