At Tailyn, we are providing customers design, manufacturing and associated services in a variety of applications. We are part of our customer's operation and design team.

To help our customers shorten their developing cycle time with minimized cost in their product design, Tailyn has well developed a variety of platform solutions specifically in communication networking, computing area or integrations of both to fulfill different purposes and applications. These solutions are based on our core technologies in xDSL, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, networking switching and computing. Each platform solution has been designed and qualified with proper features for a specific application area and functions as ready-to-use. Therefore, customers can easily configure to their own requirements based on a selected platform.

Tailyn specializes in designing temperature hardened products for applications under harsh environment over the past 30 years. We offer our customers the following services;
- Board level and system level design and manufacturing
- Software and customized features design
- Mechanical design
- High-mix, variable volume productions
- Logistics services


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