PoE+ Switches

A stable and flexible power source are the basic requirements to build an outstanding system.  Unfortunately, power troubles are also found during the industrial equipment installations. Whether new system installation or existing topology expansion, PoE (Power over Ethernet) concept brings the ideal power distribution solution to the market and also benefit thousands applications. From the pace of technological progress, power demand increases from 7 Watts to over 90 Watts and the expected powered devices become various and diverse. International organizations devote to standard development and vision to provide a more efficient, convenient and safer power solution for Ethernet world.

Tailyn delivers not only a PoE solution, but an integration concept of PoE application demands from efficient operation, administration, and management perspectives.

  • Industrial PoE design
  • IEEE802.3af
  • IEEE802.3at
  • 60W PoE
  • Power budgeting
  • Power scheduling,
  • Power prioritizing
  • Remote PoE control
  • Access control list for the management authentication
  • More sophisticated software features development upon the request

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