The power of reading together – only by walking together can we go further

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The power of reading together—only by walking together can we go further

TAILYN employee development – book discussion group
Periodically TAILYN will hold book discussion groups with their employees, so that they can enjoy and create a habit for reading and to help them grow as an individual. Through open discussions, they can understand different perspectives, create and strengthen interpersonal relationships, while also sharing their life experiences through friendly interactions.

Participating in these events has had the following benefits for our employees.

1.Reduced Stress
2.A Motivation to Read
3.Expanding their knowledge and developing a love for reading
4.Exposure to different perspectives
5.A More Enriched Life
6.Having a more flexible and creative thinking process

Through participation in the discussion group, our employees, will learn discussion and debate skills, learn to think and to respect other peoples’ opinions, learn to accept failure, and learn to share responsibilities while experiencing teamwork.
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