Annual Autumn Hiking Event – Let us hold hands and walk together for better health.

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Annual Autumn Hiking Event—Let us hold hands and walk together for better health

Tailyn Technologies, Inc. Annual Autumn Hiking Event
To promote the physical and mental well being of our employees, TAILYN has a tradition of holding activities and rewarding our colleages for their daily hard work. These activities help to encourage employees to exercise regularly, to keep fit and strengthen their bonds with colleagues and family. The annual autumn hiking event is one such activity. This event allows our colleagues to be closer to nature and to bring their relatives to participate in the outdoor hiking activities. On the day of the event, breakfast and lunch is provided along with raffle drawings and mini games which offer prizes for the employees and their relatives to win.

Modern people are busy with work and life, and may not have a lot of time to spend with their family members. Urban office workers also hardly have the chance to enjoy nature. The hiking event enables colleagues and their relatives to hike together, maintain emotional bonds, relieve stress from the body and mind, and spend quality time together. Colleagues are also encouraged to gradually form healthy living habits, such as going outdoors and get closer to nature to relieve the physical and mental stress from the busy workdays and to embrace a more relaxed and burden-free life.
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