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Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection Policy
TAILYN ( is an industrial networking field under the ODM and EMS operation model of Tailyn Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "TAILYN" ).
With great emphasis on your privacy protection, we provide a detailed explanation on the privacy protection policy of our website in the following in light of protecting your rights. Please read the following contents carefully:

Applicable Scope of Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy and the information contained therein are only applicable to the website owned and operated by TAILYN.
This policy is not applicable to the relevant website links outside of this website, and it is also not applicable to personnel not appointed or participating in the administration of this website.

Notification on Personal Information Protection

Collecting Unit: Tailyn Technologies, Inc.

Purpose of Collection: To provide relevant services of TAILYN: Marketing, customer management and service, advertisement and business action management services, as well as operating services in compliance with the items specified in the business registration or article of incorporation.

The internet network is not a secured information transmission environment; therefore, please do not disclose your personal information in order to prevent collection and utilization by others. Particularly, for online public conversation areas, such as chatrooms and message boards, you shall prevent any publication of relevant personal information of personal identity, password or email account.
This website will not inquire password from you actively. You are recommended to log out of your account and close the browser after completing your browsing.
Personal Information Collection
- During your browsing of this website, we will not actively request you to input personal information.
- When you complete the website form information input to seek product or service consultation, the website will request you to enter your personal information in order to complete the relevant services.
- Please ensure that the personal information you provided is authentic and accurate. TAILYN shall not be held liable for any damages or errors caused by the incorrect or incomplete information provided in your information.
- In case where you use a shared computer with others or use a public computer, you are recommended to log out of your account and close the browser after the end of the browsing in order to prevent others from obtaining your account.
Personal Information Type
Identification type (name, email account, contact telephone number, fax number, mobile phone number, company name, location, company website), others (inquiry fields for effectively completing the product or service demand collection). However, it shall be limited to the personal/company information actually acquired by TAILYN.
Utilization of Personal Information
(Confidentiality and Security)

The personal information capable of sufficiently identifying the user’s identity collected by TAILYN is provided for the processing and utilization according to the purpose of the collection and within the internal of this website. Unless where prior explanation is provided or where there is a need for completing the service offering or performing the contract obligations, or where there is an order or request according to relevant laws or from competent authorities, this website does not provide the personal information capable of sufficiently identifying the user’s identity to a third party or use in purposes other than the purpose of collection.
Employees of TAILYN have only limited contact with your personal information within the scope for providing necessary products or services to you. TAILYN and outsourced contractors of TAILYN (such as: upstream or downstream contractors of the supply chain); where there is any joint collection of information by TAILYN or other contractors, it is to be described in the event of joint collection. Within the valid membership period and within the required preservation period according to the laws, this website will continue to perform custody, processing and utilization of the information.
Methods for Exercising Personal Information Rights
According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, You have the right to make any inquiry and request for a review of your personal information, request for information duplications, request for information supplemental or correction, request for discontinuing of information collection, processing or use of personal information or request for deletion of your personal information.
You may send an email to "" to exercise the aforementioned rights.
**To prevent any omission on the email system or any other causes hindering the receipt of any mails, the receipt of mails shall be based on the confirmation replied by TAILYN **
However, where there is a need to save the transaction information for recording due to the necessity of execution of duties and services by this website and according to the relevant laws and regulations, such requirement may not be applicable.
Explanation on Personal Information Collection, Processing and Utilization
If you have any questions, please contact TAILYN, and we will provide assistance on the confirmation and handling of the relevant questions for you. In case where the contact method you inputted is not your personal information, you agree to have obtained the consent of each information owner for providing such information to TAILYN and have informed such owner about the aforementioned statutory notifications and information on the behalf of TAILYN. Except where there is a need to provide information to a judicial agency, investigation agency or relevant competent authority according to the laws, or where it is within the scope necessary for the contractors of TAILYN to perform relevant activities, TAILYN will not arbitrarily disclose your personal information to a third party. Where all or a portion of TAILYN or this website is subject to division, operated by independent subsidiary thereof, or merged or acquired by other third parties as asset thereof such that the right of management is transferred, TAILYN will announce relevant details on this website in advance. In addition, all or a portion of the user information owned by TAILYN or this website may also be transferred to a third party under the condition where the right of management is transferred. Nevertheless, it is limited to the personal information in relation to services of such transfer of right of management. In the event where the operations of TAILYN or this website is partially transferred to a third party and you are still a member of TAILYN, if you disagree with the continuous utilization of your personal information by TAILYN, you may exercise your rights with TAILYN according to this privacy policy.
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