2022 CRUFU FUN RELAY – Southern taiwan site – featuring the TAILYN team “Vigorous Tiger”

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2022 CRUFU FUN RELAY – Southern taiwan site – featuring the TAILYN team "Vigorous Tiger"

TAILYN’s employees created the “Vigorous Tiger Team” to symbolize the epitome of teamwork. With their own two legs, an expansive scenery, and an opportunity for emotional relaxation, they traverse the beautiful landscape of Taiwan’s south and test their inner limits. In February of 2022, the team joined an extreme team relay marathon. the CRUFU FUN RELAY – Southern Taiwan Site,For two months prior to the start of the event, the team continually trained and worked hard on their chemistry and even created team uniforms to wear during the event. The camaraderie built helped start off Spring 2022 with a warm and lively atmosphere full of vigor and vitality.
On the day of the event, with the skies clear and the sun bright, our team full of enthusiasm and joy, began the race. From the early morning to the slight sprinkles during the night, while withstanding the bone-chilling cold and trekking through the pitched black trails across farms with cows and cemeteries, our team moved forward. Covered in sweat and rain, through the darkness, and with no one around, their inner-most core was constantly being tested. Seeing their teammates, through the dark, providing water and supplies moved them. As one of the team members said, “the moment of seeing the light to transfer the baton through the darkness and hearing the other team members cheering you on is a memory that I will never forget and still resonates with me till this day.”
From Linhousilin Forest Park in Pingtung to the Millennium Dawn Memorial Park in Tamali, Taidong, the trek of about 220km, which took our team 1 day 4 hours 30 minutes and 52 seconds to complete. The event tested the stamina and endurance of its participants. Through it all, the support and experiences between the team members, whether it was to endure the cold, heat, hunger, pain, or injuries, strengthened the emotional bonds and created valuable memories between each of the team members that should last with them their whole life.
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