Learn to grow, grow to learn.

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Learn to grow, grow to learn

TAILYN and TPI Bearings Strategic Talent Training Program
In an effort to promote cooperation across different industries and talent cultivation, TAILYN and TPI Bearings started their first ever joint Strategic Talent Training Program in 2020, and completed a two-year training course, even amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.

The 18 management courses are divided into six different sessions:

  1. Enterprise management

  2. Marketing and operations

  3. Supply Chain Management

  4. Leadership

  5. Financial strategy

  6. Management skills and specialist skills

    The participants are middle to high-level managers with high potentials within the company. These individuals are eager to learn and progress with TAILYN and are willing to receive training in their spare time. Everyone benefits a lot from the training, which also improves the team camaraderie and cooperation across different departments.

    At the end of each session the teams will hold a case study competition and win rewards for the best presentations. The team members analyze the issues at hand, and apply the session content to the company’s current situation and future development and provide suggestions to the company’s management team.

    Through this type of all-round learning and communication with a company from a different industry, the participants can develop their potential.
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