Our Focus on Employee Training and Career Development

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Our Focus on Employee Training and Career Development

In addition to a competitive salary and benefits plan, to enhance our employees’ training and career development, TAILYN has invested in our employees and provided them avenues to receive certifications for various manufacturing skills and quality standards. In addition, we encourage our employees to patent our manufacturing techniques to provide TAILYN as well as our employees a competitive advantage.
TAILYN provides on-the-job training and personal development sessions to emphasize our core values and our vision and strategies to maintain our place as a world class leading partner in the Industrial Manufacturing and Semiconductor sector. The training focuses on 4 areas:

1.New Recruit Training

  • The company offers new recruit orientation and training plans to familiarize themselves with our internal processes and control procedures.

  • Professional colleagues in different fields will educate and train the new recuits so that there is a positive learning environment.

2.Professional Skills Training

  • On-the Job skills training helps our employees gain professional knowledge and technical capabilities according to their duties and professional levels.

  • Quality management training enables quality-related personnel to hone the quality awareness and skills necessary to perform their duties

3.Leadership Level Management Training

  • Managers participate in training courses to strengthen cross-functional collaboration, practical project management and improve their leadership skills.

4.Personal Development

  • Employees are sent for offsite skills and manufacturing and quality standards training to aide in their personal development. Employees will receive certifications for completing these training courses


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