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TAILYN a Full Turn Key Solution Provider to completely meet all our customers supply chain demands.
TAILYN is a full turn key solution provider, not only are we experts in industrial grade manufacturing (PCBA, Mechanical Assembly, Test and Engineering Services), we are experienced in material procurement, material planning, warehouse management (components & subassemblies & assemblies), supplier management, after-sales services (RMA, etc), and logistic management (air shipments, sea shipments , dropship, etc)
Supply Chain Strategy
TAILYN’s procurement team, in addition to ensuring the cost and authenticity of the parts (components, mechanical, pcb, etc.) we purchase, TAILYN is constantly working with our suppliers to evaluate the overall sustainable value of the supply chain. Through our stable supplier relationships, we continue to provide better flexibility to satisfy our customers while also allowing sustainable growth for both TAILYN and our suppliers.
Supply Chain Management Strategy
Supply Chain Management Strategy:

  • Quality Driven: Obtain the best quality and services for the products our suppliers provide

  • Value: Obtain the most competitive overall supply chain value

  • Multiple Supply Chains: To maintain at least 2 suppliers to ensure the continuous supply of raw materials.

  • Strategic Collaboration: To integrate the supplier resources and capabilities to improve innovation and supply.

Supply Chain Service
TAILYN is a full turnkey solution provider and offers the below services.

  1. Material Planning

  2. Procurement Services (Sourcing and Buying)

  3. Warehouse Inventory Management (Components, Subassemblies, finished goods, etc.)

  4. Vendor Management and Vendor Managed Inventory(VMI)

  5. After-Sales Services (RMA, etc.)

  6. Logistics Management (Sea, Air, Courier, etc)

  7. PCBA and System Assembly

  8. Testing and Engineering Services

TAILYN’s full turnkey services can help to resolve the following customer’s problems:

  1. The need to place PO’s via email to their manufacturer for all orders. TAILYN is able to integrate our customers system with our own so that PO’s will automatically be loaded into our system and processed immediately

  2. Voids during manufacturing which causes quality issues. TAILYN has been using Vapor Phase Vacuum Reflow Soldering for over 6+ years, reducing voids to less than 5% for our customers and resolving their void concerns.

  3. Material Shortages and Long Lead Times. TAILYN has an experienced component engineering team capable of searching for alternative sources and reducing the number of single source components. Also, our procurement team has a good relationship with our vendors to help allocate parts when necessary.

  4. Finding a professional and quality driven supplier to replace existing vendor due to quality and delivery issues. TAILYN has over 40+ years of manufacturing experience and is equipped with industrial grade manufacturing equipment, a sound Quality Management System (QMS) and engineering expertise that is able to support all of our customers’ needs.

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