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A Full Turnkey Design and Manufacturing Service Provider for electronic assemblies.
With over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience, TAILYN is a valuable one-stop solution provider and manufacturer in the Industrial Networking, Automotive, Industrial Personal Computers(IPC), and Semiconductor Equipment(SE) field for trial run and MP requirements. We are continuously investing in specialized equipment and customized automated software and hardware test services to provide our customers with exceptional quality at a reasonable cost. TAILYN is your most reliable partner.
Quick Turn and Mass Production Capabilities for PCB assemblies and system assemblies
Surface Mount Processes (SMT)
Smallest surface mount component: 01005
BGA / QFN Pitch 0.3mm
Maximum PCBA size 750x610mm
BGA (PoP) process
Vapor phase soldering and low void soldering
Wave soldering and selective wave soldering
Precision press fit process
Glue dispensing and conformal coating
PCBA / System Test Design & Manufacturing Services
Static and dynamic In-Circuit Tests (ICT) Flying Probe
Burn In Rooms
Temperature Cycling Chambers
Hi-Pot & Continuity Tests
Facility is Equipped with High Voltage insulated and
Grounded Floors
Customized automated function testing software and hardware
Test data collection and data analysis
System Assembly and Packaging Services
Process optimization
Design and manufacture of production jigs & tools
Mechanical design and suggestions
Packaging design and suggestions
Mechanical air leak test (IP6X tests)

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