[Commercial Times] Taiwan Mobile 5G Private Network Signed MoU with 30 Enterprises

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[Commercial Times] Taiwan Mobile 5G Private Network Signed MoU with 30 Enterprises

After the launch of 5G, telecom operators have made significant strides in the 5G enterprise private network sector. Taiwan Mobile indicated that it had signed enterprise private network MoU’s with about 30 leading production and technology enterprises.The collaborative 5G enterprise network partners include HwaCom Systems, SECPAAS, and Tailyn Technologies Inc.

Mr. Chuan-Hui Wu, CCO of Taiwan Mobile, indicated that high-tech industries have unique and specialized manufacturing environments and building a private network is a rather big challenge. But entrusting professional telecom operators to plan and optimize telecom-grade 5G private networks with 3.5GHz or 28GHz frequency band architecture can improve the network defense mechanisms while reducing the construction and maintenance costs.

Taiwan Mobile indicated that it has signed MoU’s with over 30 enterprises and implemented proof-of-concept (PoC) in manufacturing, medical care, transportation, and other fields. For example, in terms of smart manufacturing, Taiwan Mobile has cooperated with Tailyn Technologies Inc. to create an industry 4.0 environment. At the end of last year, Taiwan Mobile has also started to cooperate with major domestic manufacturers to build 5G labs to pave the way for various “Smart X” smart applications such as smart factories, smart care, and smart cities in the future.

To facilitate 5G private network development, Taiwan Mobile has recently cooperated with HwaCom Systems and SECPAAS to create 5G enterprise private network applications. Taiwan Mobile took charge of the 5G basic network, and SECPAAS provided network, Cloud, information security, and network management system integration experiences. The team adopted SECPAAS’ core technology “Mobile Edge Computing Gateway” solution and collaborated to achieve Industry 4.0. At present, some leading production and technology plants have already installed and launched the system.
Mr. Chuan-Hui Wu indicated that a 5G private network can drive industry digital transformation, smart upgrade, and improve operational efficiency for enterprise users. Taiwan Mobile has already completed numerous projects. One example is quality control inspections whereby images captured by wearable AR equipment are transmitted to AI for interpretation, and anomaly reports are returned in real-time to achieve human-machine collaboration to improve productivity and yield effectively.

The benefits of investing in a 5G private network are apparent and can provide momentum to drive innovation and develop applications.
Article source: Commercial Times published on 2021.6.7
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