【Economy Daily News】The Direct Strategy to the Development of Electric Scooters

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【Economy Daily News】The Direct Strategy to the Development of Electric Scooters

Following the net zero emissions global trend,
Taiwan's scooter manufacturers are investing and expediting the development of electric scooters and expanding the market. As one of the industry leaders for scooters and motorcycles, Kymco has consecutively launched several new electric scooter models. Kymco president Robin Chen vehemently declared that “electrification is a trend that will not turn back!” In addition, the electric scooter industry leader Gogoro, also announced their IPO on the US stock exchange and entered the international market.

Tailyn Technologies Inc. Sr. VP Robin Chen stated that “the development of the electric scooter is the only way moving forward for the industry. He suggested that the government could be more direct in their strategies to help transform and upgrade the industry by increasing their investments.”

Roin Chen also stated that “with TAILYN as an example, TAILYN has already accumulated years of manufacturing experience in the ICT industry however in an effort to transition into the electric scooter industry, invested heavily in manufacturing equipment, processes, management, and employee training in recent years. In view of the global market demand, the electric scooter is definitely the “Trillion Dollar Industry” of the future. These investments are all worthwhile.”

Even though TAILYN invested heavily in electric vehicles, Robin Chen also pointed out that the government strategies implemented these last two years has had a severe impact in halting the growth of the industry and created emotional rollercoasters for its members. Especially since TAILYN has a large portion of their annual revenue dedicated to the production of electric scooter parts and as a result these changes has impacted our revenue and is very unpredictable. However, he believes that this is just a process and looking towards the future, the government strategies and the consumer will eventually adapt to the environment and the net zero emissions trend. In addition, Robin Chen stated that “ as part of the supply chain, he hopes that during the early stages, the government can actively promote, invest and continue to provide subsidies within the industry. Afterall, it is with the government strategies and subsidies which are the keys to the consumers willingness to switch to electric scooters.
Robin Chen goes on to say that , “ during the last couple of years, the price of electric scooters and gas scooters has reached a Golden Impasse where the price of the two is very similar. The price of electric scooters has become affordable for the consumer and as a result, at the end of this year, along with the $5000 NTD stimulus provided by the government has kickstarted the sale of the electric scooter. Now if the government is able to provide enough subsidies for purchasing electric scooters, the consumers can easily replace their traditional gas scooters and make electric scooters their preferred form of transportation. Furthermore, this will help the government promote the net zero emissions initiative and the government can echo this global trend and encourage our citizens to use net zero emissions environmentally friendly forms of transportation.

Robin Chen emphasized, along with Taiwan’s advantage in the ICT industry, and the demand in the Taiwan scooter industry, with a little over 300K people with scooters, if the entire gas scooter industry can completely change to electric and adhering to the net zero emissions trend, there is a chance that Taiwan can become an Electric Scooter Empire in Asia. On the one hand, this will accomplish the industry upgrade and transformation, on the other hand it will be a key contributor to the Taiwan 2050 Net Zero Emissions Initiative. Robin Chen stated, even if the government was under pressure from traditional gas scooter to implement a gas and electric strategy the past two years, with the global environment drastically changing and the different timing, the change from Gas to Electric is the most critical industry transformation and echoes the trend of electrification of vehicles globally.

Article source: Economy Daily News published on 2021.12.27
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