Industrial 5G mobile communication router offering a very complete Gateway communication interface

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5G Cellular Networks

WEP series product is a fanless industrial routers with network security and firewall functions that support packet filtering, URL blocking, MAC filtering, and much more. These devices also support VPN connections, with such modes as IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP, while running on Netcom-level SNMP protocols, and providing flexible Web UI, CLI, and more.

The VPN tunneling technology makes remote sites easily accessible parts of the intranet. VPN, with data transmitted over secure links, is suitable for factories, offices, transportation networks and energy and power utility applications.

Users can expand the 4G/5G network easily thanks to modularization, and the DI/DO/serial interfaces enable the routers to respond and report in real time when the field device detects an event. Thanks to its full support of RS232/422/485, these routers can seamlessly transmit regional data to routers of industrial customers.
In response to customer environmental needs, up to 4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces offer both 5G NR mobile communication and wide-area Gigabit Ethernet ports, with flexible and easy switching between 5G NR mobile communications and wide-area wired networks to ensure smooth and stable Internet connectivity.

Either one of the wide-area Gigabit Ethernet port or the 5G NR mobile communication port can be set as the primary Internet port, with the other port as the backup port. The system will automatically activate the backup port to connect to the Internet in case of malfunction of the primary port, to maintain Internet connectivity.

IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax and other local area network support provide multiple groups of virtual SSID and wireless client isolation functions, which improves the security of the wireless intranet and strengthens access control. Different security settings and isolation levels can be configured for each virtual SSID to improve the security, performance and flexibility of the intranet.

The full 5G network architecture provides traffic monitoring and provisioning (QoS) to enable users to fully control their data transmission traffic and prioritize data to ensure important transmissions, and still have excellent transmission speeds even when network traffic is heavy. It also makes data and video transmission fast and stable. The system is suitable for high transmission requirements such as smart city, traffic and tunnel monitoring applications.

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