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Factory Automation

With the implementation of Industry 4.0 and continuous improvement of equipment network connection standard, the number of terminal equipment using ethernet technology increases rapidly. To optimize the operational efficiency of Factory Automation application, the connection (Industry IoT) among internal logistics equipment and communication equipment becomes more common. Accordingly, greater number of systems communicate with each other to transmit data to IT and Cloud, and vast amount of data is generated with tremendous growth.
To satisfy future demands, for the application of Smart Factory, the bandwidth must be increased to satisfy the demand of the entire factory for speed above gigabit speed. In view of such demand, solutions offered by TAILYN become important. TAILYN provides products and technologies - TSN Industrial Ethernet Switch, for your factory production site to meet the future demands. TSN Industrial Ethernet Switch is able to ensure the entire network real-time key data latency time in order to allow key and non-key data flow to be transmitted via fusion network such that real-time control can be applied to networks outside the OT zone.
To face the upcoming future challenges of Industry IoT (IIoT), TAILYN is able to assist you to build up confidence and to securely accelerate the equipment interconnection speed. TAILYN will provide you high performance products and professional knowledge and services, thereby ensuring that your clients are able to prolong the production normal operating time to a maximum level.
Our key technologies include the following main features:

  • Use time-sensitive real-time communication technology (TSN) based on ethernet standard-IEEE 802.1AS, IEEE 802.1Qbu, IEEE 802.1Qbv, IEEE 802.1Qci, IEEE 802.1CB.

  • Real-time transmission protocol (Industrial Protocol) based on TSN–OPC-UA over TSN.

  • PROFINET and Modbus TCP

  • PoE Industrial Ethernet Switch based on 24V factory automation environment use

  • Comply with IEC 62443 Industry IoT security standard,Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT):psirt@tailyn.com.tw

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