PoE Surveillance solution – 802.3af/at/bt

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As the demand for improvement of public living quality and security protection increases, technologies of real-time video surveillance, traffic monitoring, facial recognition and license plate recognition are widely used in public safety related application fields, and especially the applications of Smart City, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Smart Factory.
To cope with the future challenges and rapid development of network, it is necessary to flexibly expand necessary fields in the network. However, the obtaining of sufficient electrical power can be challenging, and power typically cannot be supplied to desired locations accurately in practice, and the addition of conventional power lines may be inconvenient to user and its cost is also high. Accordingly, TAILYN provides a comprehensive Power over Ethernet (PoE) industrial ethernet switch solution for different application fields, thereby overcoming the drawbacks of overly high cost or insufficient layout associated with the conventional power lines.
To meet the outdoor criteria, for outdoor smart surveillance equipment connections, PoE industrial ethernet switch provided by TAILYN is able to withstand direct sunlight exposure.
Our key technology includes the following main features:

  • 802.3af (PoE/15W), 802.3at (PoE+/30W), 802.3bt (PoE++/60W/90W)

  • Network and non-network switches

  • -40℃~75℃, fanless

  • IP30~IP67

  • Surge 2kV~6kV

  • PoE power management (priority level, power distribution, schedule control, user effectiveness control)

  • EN-50155, EN-50121-4–Track transportation application

  • 24V booster PoE Managed Switch–factory automation application

  • NEMA TS2–U.S. smart transportation system standard.

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