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In the early days of “Industry 3.0”, railed mass transit systems (such as trams, light rails and trains, commonly known as rolling stock) were mostly closed network architectures. With the rise of the “Industry 4.0”, we see more and more buses, metros, high speed trains and rail services that offer Wi-Fi for passengers around the world. However, to provide such services, a secure and rugged infrastructure is required to block external attacks and to provide more real-time bandwidth.

TAILYN Technologies, Inc. has extensive experience in the field of transportation and can provide a variety of solutions to help our clients build a complete infrastructure that covers everything from vehicle/rolling stock to trackside, trackside to station, station to control center, and even electrical and mechanical systems. We can satisfy our clients’ needs and provide them with trusted, reliable solutions (including the necessary M12 anti-vibration connectors, EN50155 certification, 4G/LTE wireless routers, PoE, various router settings and various field bus protocols, etc., all of which can be built by our solutions). TAILYN's solutions are also built to meet the Cyber Security IEC 62443-4-2 network security specification.
In rolling stock applications, trains are often changed to adapt to different requirements, such as changing the direction of travel, adding or removing carriages, and even special cases where trains must be uncoupled or paralleled. TAILYN's IEC 61375 solution can help operators make train scheduling smarter, and most importantly, makes the system easier to maintain, significantly reducing maintenance costs for operators and system integrators.

TAILYN's Transportation Solutions are your ideal choice for making your network infrastructure more rugged, secure, and trustworthy. Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)

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