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Quality Management

Quality Assurance Department, based on the customer-oriented concept, we implement the company's quality policy, review quality management practices, and pursue continuous prevention and improvement to achieve customer satisfaction and eventually move towards total quality management.

The most impressive case was when a copper pillars fell off in the early stage of production for an automotive customer. At that time, we investigated a lot of production conditions, but still could not find the problem. Later, after research and testing with various related departments, we finally concluded that it was really because the supplier had done improper rework processes in the process.

In the process of analysis, with the concerted efforts and goals of everyone, we improved the problem of copper pillars falling off, and established complete quality control from supply quality management, incoming material management, production conditions, and shipment confirmation.

The essence of quality is: satisfying customer needs, creating customer value and continuously pushing the forward, focusing on the process of continuous quality improvement, and gradually moving towards the realm of operational excellence.

In his book "In Search of Excellence", Tom Peters mentions 12 characteristics of world-class quality, the first of which is "managers are obsessed with quality", and in the field of quality management, one should firmly believe that effective quality actions begin with the right quality concepts, and only then will one have the opportunity to achieve excellent quality standards.

Quality is to meet the needs of customers, and it is a connected process. If we can recognize the key quality concept of "the next process is the customer", then we can create customer-oriented products and services that satisfies the customer, no matter we are engaged in product design, material procurement, product manufacturing, equipment maintenance, or environmental cleaning...etc.

Quality is designed, not inspected, and at the highest level, quality is "managed".

There is no unchanging quality level, it has to be continuously improved: Quality management is propelled forward by the two wheels of standardization and automation, standardization is the braking force to prevent the decline of enterprise management level, automation is the action to make the quality level continuously improved.
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