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Built Rugged.
Brand Story
A testament of high temperatures and polar climates; a test of extreme conditions and super high precision.In the industrial-level and precision equipment domain, rigorousness and preciseness are only the bare minimum. From wisdom comes calmness.
Devotion brings about actualization. Challenges are prospects that evolve from the future, for the purpose of fulfilling the smart life TAILYN has accumulated 40 years of devoted focus in industrial applications, telecommunications, telematics and other precision equipment domains, providing comprehensive, integrated solutions through design, pilot run, mass production, test engineering.
Through high-level integration and engineering capabilities, enthusiastic attitude, and high learning abilities, actively solve customers’ dilemma from designing to process, and effectively achieve product production goals, the customers will experience the refined partnerships, and together, create forward-looking strategies and display the determination for achievement and the care for humanity.
A factory that sets the norm for industrial
applications design and precision
engineering processes.
To realize key technologies that connect the world
I fully understand my goal and would do the best to achieve it.
Strategy includes implementation and innovation.
I will consider the short-term, medium-term, and long-term influence according to my goals, and make clear plan accordingly. Clear plan and verification method would come together for the effectiveness.
I concentrate on the goal and mean to achieve.
I accept all the challenges and difficulties.
Determination is not a slogan but the attitude to make the plan achievable. Determination is not individualism but teamwork. I would fully support my teammates to achieve at any time.
I know that there are people behind everything, and I will be aware of their existence at any time.
I care about the position, feelings and needs of internal and external stakeholders.
TAILYN’s success comes from everyone’s best interests.
TAILYN emphasizes cooperation and partnership.
I would prepare myself with confidence, professionalism, and good attitude.


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